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Free Your Mind Exhibit 

Summer 2023

Curated by Shenna Vaughn

July 1 2023
Curated by 
Shenna Vaughn
Shenna Vaughn Headshot.png

Vaughn Bentley Creative invites you to FREE YOUR MIND.


As artists, we might often experience  some kind of mental shackle or chain that tends to interfere with us riding  the drivers seat of our lives. This can present itself as a creative block as it leads to intrusive thoughts to our creative process. Much energy is exhausted on pondering what we don’t have verses what we do have. 


Many artists struggle finding the will to create, while they endure circumstances preventing them from seeking resources.  The Free Your Mind exhibition looks forward to giving these artists the opportunity to break these heavy chains, and shackles, transcending inspiration from the physical to beconming the nurture of our mental and ultimately spiritual being.

coming soon!
Free Your Mind Poster.png
Free Your Mind Poster
Design by
William Bentley

Prints Available for Purchase!

24" x 36" Framed Poster Print
T shirt Print


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